Video Day with L37: What to Wear On Camera


When it comes to media production, specifically video shoots, knowing what to wear is oftentimes just as important as knowing what to say. Your message should be the center of attention, not the hypnotic effect of a tight patterned tie or the rhythmic swaying of a gorgeous set of dangles.

Below, we have curated a guide that highlights common mistakes to avoid and tips for what to wear on camera.

  • First, how do you choose the overall look? Should you wear formal business clothing, business casual attire, or go for a completely casual look?  The answer lies in the intended audience for the video. What would you wear if you were meeting with them in person?
  • Avoid stark white or bright yellow shirts as they reflect light and are too vivid on camera. Colors that work well include blue, gray, pink, or beige.
  • Steer clear of highly shiny or glossy fabrics that reflect light back into the camera.
  • Something that is often overlooked is the color of the backdrop a video is shot against and how it affects the way color translates on camera. It is important to ask where the video will be recorded and plan your attire accordingly. Colors set against a white background will be appear brighter, while colors set against a dark background lose their intensity. Keep in mind that mid-tone gray or blue backgrounds offer the widest range of wardrobe color options.
  • A common mistake is the go-to black suit or dress. While they are simple and classic, black tends to diminish the appearance because it absorbs too much light. The color may also age the skin because it creates shadows. If wearing black is a must, add in time for makeup as that is one way to add desired color back to your complexion. Medium-colored suits are more on target; try blue/dark blue, gray, and brown.
  • Stay away from fabrics with complicated patterns such as checks, tight stripes, herringbones, tweeds, and loud plaids. These types of designs often strobe on camera and can make viewers dizzy. The same rule applies for ties. Solid-colored clothing works much better, especially in colors such as navy blue, purples, dark creams and browns. Wearing solid colors also ensures that your videos have a longer shelf life and won’t look dated as quickly; rich colors never go out of style.
  • Make sure to take off shiny jewelry and metal tie clips as they reflect light back into the lens of the camera. Strip away jewelry that rattles, clicks and clanks, such as multiple bracelets or long necklaces. When brushed against the microphone, jewelry causes a distracting noise and can ruin the audio quality. This often causes re-shoots which takes more of everybody’s valuable time.

L37 connects a creative approach to storytelling with the technological genius of what exists today, while always holding ourselves to the standards of tomorrow. The power of audio and visual technology has taken this art to new heights, making it even more important to pay attention to every detail so your message (not your pinstripes) evokes emotion within your audience.

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