Ryan Legue

01 Dec 2000

Ryan Legue

When you’re afraid your message may fall on deaf ears, Ryan is the person on our team to turn to because of his passion for telling stories. Whether it’s his own or a corporate message we need to deliver, he aspires at every turn to put his audience on the edge of their seats. Ryan is one of those people that gets around – the globe that is! From Amsterdam to Sydney to Omaha and everywhere in between, he has produced super cool […]

25 Oct 1995
01 Nov 1990
01 Oct 1980

Casey Baugess

This guy loves motion graphics and all things design! With a degree in graphic design, Casey is all about typography and color. Afterall, he rarely goes a day without wearing orange. Yeah, he’s kind of obsessed. From visualizing concepts to final production, Casey enjoys being involved in the entire creative process. Talk about multi-talented! He’s created everything from TV spots for Broadway shows to full motion graphic presentations and has even hosted his very own design show…parody!

01 Sep 1980

Matt Orchowski

He’s always ready for a film shoot to break out anywhere, anytime! Some wise dude once told Matt that if he wasn’t willing to eat, sleep and breathe filming 100% of the time, to get out of the industry. Lucky for us, he took those words to heart. Since then, Matt, or Morchowski as we call him, has been changing up the film world. He’s traveled across the globe to make some really cool stuff including commercials, television shows, music […]

25 Apr 1940

Evan Thompson

Although he spends an exorbitant amount of time complimenting strangers, Evan still finds time to be the Director of Live Events with L37 Creative. His biggest dream as a child was to someday be the best and most innovative cat herder in the world, so it seemed only fitting that he would grow up one day and decide to become a Director of Live Events. Whether managing producers, production partners, or sneaking Mean Girls references into everyday conversations, Evan gives […]

18 Apr 1920

Ashlea Thomsen

Aided by massive amounts of caffeine, she's got the quick thinking skills required to manage live events. Seeing each event as a puzzle, Ashlea strives to make the pieces fit. And even after the last piece falls into place, she continues to work and enhance events to surpass expectations. When not strategizing a production, she's investigating hiking trails at home and abroad for her next big adventure.

01 May 1910

Jae Thiele

At 19, Jae discovered his calling when he produced and directed his first television commercial for a retail outlet in his hometown. In his 15 years of experience in the production business, he has produced and directed several award winning documentaries, including one currently playing at the Smithsonian in Washington DC. In addition to being the resident Star Wars guru at the company, he is also a video and corporate event Producer with numerous documentaries, commercials and sales videos under […]

22 Apr 1900

Lindsey Sikula

Sparty through and through, this Michigan State girl bleeds green and white.  When she’s not cheering on her Spartans to multiple national championships or Chicago Bulls and Bears to victory, she’s a Producer extraordinaire.  Earning her production chops in the sports world and rounding out her experience in food & beverage, Lindsey can plan, manage, and execute your shoot or event in any venue, space, platform or medium anytime anywhere.

17 Apr 1890