Medical Meetings

It’s a privilege to be associated with the sacred space of medicine where people’s lives are greatly affected by the work done in a hospital, clinic, or doctor’s office. Telling the stories, as there are many, of the stakeholders in this space gives us an opportunity to open our creative wings and bring tons of heart to our craft.

Best Practice in Our Fields

We’ve covered many different medical clients as well as different platforms to disseminate their messages. Each comes with nuance, not only to platform but the medical industry, that we understand.

L37 Creative has produced the following events:

    • National Sales Meetings
    • Town Halls
    • Training Sessions
    • Awards Dinners
    • Shareholder Meetings
    • Webcasts

With media production, we’ve brought a creative eye to the content we’ve shot, incorporating the necessary dramatic bend to this sensitive industry, but also having fun with our fine medical clients.

L37 Creative has produced the following media:

    • Executive interviews
    • Medical staff (surgeon/doctor/nurse) interviews
    • Hospital/Clinic filming
    • Product videos
    • Training videos
    • Presentation support (for events)
    • Opening videos (for events)
    • Award videos (for events)