Media Production: Spotlight on Nevada Health Link

L37 Creative partnered with PennaPowers to create several 15 and 30-second spots for Nevada Health Link, an organization created by the State of Nevada to help customers find a health insurance plan through their user-friendly software. L37’s media production team combined the power of storytelling with technical expertise to bring the story, aimed at diverse audiences, to life.

“Having deep ties in Nevada gave us a distinct advantage on this project,” said L37 Senior Producer Jae Thiele. “Our team scouted and secured countless locations that were fundamental to setting the right tone. We knew we had to get this right to underscore authenticity and really resonate with viewers.”

Shooting locations ranged from a café, hair salon, and a guitar store to Floyd Lamb Park in Las Vegas, which required L37 to secure necessary permissions and permits. “With every shoot, there are always challenges to overcome,” noted Thiele, “and this shoot was no exception. We knew we needed to capture a scenic mountain shot but were limited on time, so we improvised. We found a small nook at the state park and shot it in a way where it resembled the mountains. The finished shot was exactly what we were looking for – and we didn’t have to add a day to the shoot to accomplish it.”

In less than 10 days, L37 took the project from concept to completion – on time and on budget, working closely with PennaPowers to accurately tell the story and bring the project to life, while coordinating with a photographer who shot stills alongside the media production team.

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See below for one of the Nevada Health Link video spots.