Media Production

The power of a story can emote a range of feelings – from inspired to jovial to pensive to motivated. And nothing is more impactful than a visual and audio portrayal that’ll capture viewers. Storytellers we are, and like any other, we always look for that one that perks up the audience…says something a little different beyond a banal carbon-copied message…it’s something from the heart…real and felt by the viewer.

What We Do

We marry the genius of storytelling’s creative approach to the technological genius of what exists today, and always holding ourselves to the standards of tomorrow. The power of audio/visual technology has taken this art to new heights, where everything is capture-able, and no facial pore is left undocumented (Sorry, but it’s true! So clean up those blackheads…).

Whether that’s a corporate video, website content, building storyboards and scripting, creating graphics, and pushing the limit of awesome, we’re here as your creative savants. And we enjoy a glass of Sauvignon Blanc from time to time (after shoots).

Seriously, no limits...

Fun things our creative ideas have led to:

  • All of our gear being covered in silly string and glitter
  • Sitting on a Hawaiian golf course for hours in the middle of the night
  • Drawing eye-liner goatees on clients' faces
  • Being asked to leave the Tower of London, with a human-sized cardboard cutout
  • Playing bongos with some locals in Mexico
  • Going on a late-night meatloaf run in New Jersey
  • Dancing in a warehouse with a disco light, man in a bear suit and leaf blower

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