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18 Apr 2018

Jess Rodriguez is the official dog whisperer.

Following our employee profile on Ashlea Thompson, we introduce Jess Rodriguez one of our video editors who loves dogs, food and Breaking Bad re-runs. My role at L37 is Video Editor. One of my favorite projects is working on the Las Vegas Bowl. I’ve been editing their content for almost 10 years and seeing my videos play back on the big screen at the stadium during the game never gets old. I love working here because every day my projects […]

20 Mar 2018
How to Outdo Last Year's Event | L37 Creative

A huge international meeting isn’t business as usual.

We talk a lot about how we are in the business of helping clients outdo themselves. (We just talked about it, here. That’s a lot.) When one of your clients is a global leader in technology, with a high- performing culture and a great history of delivering killer events… this challenge gets harder. Then, take into account that their more than 2,000 attendees are coming from nearly 20 different countries, daily sessions need to be translated into 6 languages simultaneously, […]

16 Mar 2018

So you want to outdo yourself.

One of the first things we ask every client as we kick off planning for an event is: “What are the biggest things you are trying to accomplish?” Many answers vary, but there is one that comes back almost every time: “We want this year to be even better than last year.” And who doesn’t? Who wants Stranger Things 3 to be less amazing than the first two? Who wants the screensavers on the next Apple TV to be less […]

16 Mar 2018

Ashlea Thompson climbs boulders (for fun).

For the second employee profile in our series (if you missed the first, click here), we get to know Ashlea Thomsen, one of our event producers, who produces movies and climbs boulders for fun. For work, she is one of our lead event producers, designing and executing events from scratch all over the world.   My role at L37 is Production Manager. One of my favorite projects was when we created a giant, curved LED wall. It was incredible to see how all the […]

29 Jan 2018

Debs Madans may be a vampire.

Time to get to know us. Every month, we’ll profile a different member of the L37 Creative team, why they do what they do and a few things not many people know. Want to know more? Just holler. My role at L37 is Creative Writer and Producer. My favorite kinds of projects are when I get to be with a project from brainstorming/ discovery to scripting and through its execution. There’s something really special about getting to see your ideas […]

29 Jan 2018

2018 Events Trends: Telling a Great Story is Still What Matters Most

As we head into a new year, we’ve noticed a few trends dominating the events industry. Here’s our take. “New and interesting” is the thing. More than ever, organizations are trying to leverage their resources to deliver experiences and content that feel new and interesting to their audiences. In a world where our attention is at its highest premium ever, capturing it is the biggest challenge to overcome. Consolidation continues. Big industry players like Freeman and PSAV continue to acquire […]

12 Dec 2017

This is What We Do.

We are in the business of telling stories that audiences won’t forget. That’s our job. “When the room fills up, this is our client’s best chance of the year to get their story out there,” says Ryan Legue, Founder of L37 Creative. “This live event - and every live event - is about change. It’s about inspiring people to think and act differently. That’s our focus.” In our newest video, we share a behind-the-scenes look into how we create these […]

12 Dec 2017
8 Ways to Get More From Your Event's Content After the Event

8 Ways to Get More from Your Event’s Content After the Event

Live events are a labor of love. Most take 6-9 months of planning, and some take more than a year. And every event needs great content. Sometimes, they need a lot of it. A single event can produce a whole range of videos, graphics, speeches, email communications, all of which took time and creativity to produce. So why let them fade away after the event’s over? One of the things we’re doing more and more is working with our clients […]

12 Oct 2017
Expanding Our Footprint and Growing Our Team | L37 Creative

Expanding Our Footprint and Growing Our Team

  Expanding our Footprint: New Offices in New York and San Diego We’re growing – thanks to our incredible clients – and we are excited to announce that New York and San Diego are the newest offices in the L37 footprint. New York has been in our sights for a long time. We have some existing clients in the northeast and are eager to grow there in the years to come. We just hired a great creative director to lead […]

14 Aug 2017
5 Tips for Working with a Creative Services Agency | L37 Creative

Five Tips for Working with a Creative Services Agency

Imagining how to create that WOW factor at an event, or taking an idea from script to screen requires skill, experience, and (sometimes) stroke of luck. Oftentimes, it’s appropriate to solicit the help of a creative services agency to carry the power of your story through live event experiences and media production (video production). But if you haven’t worked with a creative services agency before, you may ask “well, what do I have to do?” Creative services agencies should be […]