A huge international meeting isn’t business as usual.

How to Outdo Last Year's Event | L37 Creative

We talk a lot about how we are in the business of helping clients outdo themselves. (We just talked about it, here. That’s a lot.) When one of your clients is a global leader in technology, with a high- performing culture and a great history of delivering killer events… this challenge gets harder.

Then, take into account that their more than 2,000 attendees are coming from nearly 20 different countries, daily sessions need to be translated into 6 languages simultaneously, and then at night, more than 10 different events would take place all around the city of Barcelona at the time, requiring more than 10 teams to produce them. So the challenge of helping them outdo themselves is real.  

Especially when this client is known for awesome storytelling and experiences at all of their events. They love these events. They pour their heart and soul into these events. They announce big news, and recognize outstanding performances, and thank their attendees for everything they do to drive the success of the business. These events are a big deal. They are a critical part of their culture and their history.

Oh, and, one last thing -- we’ve worked with them a long time. We’ve already helped them raise the bar at their events. So we were like… man, we have our work cut out for us if we want to help them deliver a big, new experience for attendees.

So here’s how we helped them deliver a big, new experience for attendees.

  • Big, brand new stage and lighting designs: we designed a new stage and screen experience from scratch, ensuring it was startlingly different than anything these attendees had seen before. We used five screens and video content wove all of them together to deliver video content in a way that was totally new to the audience and felt more like a concert than a corporate meeting. The other dynamic at play was the venue space was really cool, and enormous… so as a viewer, you wouldn’t know where to look unless your attention was focused. So that’s how we designed the stage, and the content – to draw in viewers to once central point.
  • Unexpected site experiences: we worked with our client and our partners to custom design events at really, really cool sites that attendees wouldn’t expect -- like castles, wineries, and other historic buildings. Ever been to a formal awards dinner in an 18th-century Spanish castle? If not, you should try to go to one. Seriously.
  • Comprehensive, extensive brand design: every piece of company representation an attendee sees is part of their experience -- from the background color of the meeting mobile app to the lighting design in the room that will kick off the meeting for all 2,000+ people. We helped our client bring a new level of branding design by making sure everything looked and felt like a big, coordinated, cohesive experience.   
  • A team with a bunch of new players: this may seem obvious to mention… but part of the way we help clients outdo themselves and deliver incredible attendee experiences is by mixing up our mix of mind. We brought in people from our team who had not worked with this client in the past and let them brainstorm away.  

In the end… together with our client, and our other partners, we did it.

They said the events were amazing.

They said our video and presentation content was exceptional.

They said we helped deliver brand new experiences to their attendees.

(We are bragging now.)

Anyway, helping people outdo themselves is something we take pride in. And we’d love to help you do the same.

(We’re done bragging now.)