How to Tell a Story with a 100-Foot Wide LED Screen

When you walk into an event space and see an LED screen that spans the entire stage – 100 feet wide and 20 feet tall – you can’t help but stop and stare.

It packs a huge punch. It’s a genuine “wow” moment.

We’ve seen the power of the giant LED screen over and over again. We bring a client in to preview a big presentation, and they stand frozen on stage, looking back and forth, up and down, in awe.

Then we play their video and, without fail, they break into a huge grin. They envision themselves directly in front of the screen. They experience what their audience will experience, and they are over-the-moon excited about it. They can’t wait to get the show started.

This is no old-school projection video presentation (no offense to projectors; you’ll always have a special place in our hearts). A 100-foot wide LED screen is beautiful and immersive and just really, really cool. It has the ability to bring your story to life, in sharp detail and full saturated color.

Here are our rules for telling a spellbinding story with a massive LED screen.

Customize the canvas.

To the audience, an LED screen is a vast, seamless electronic display. But in reality, it’s made up of many interconnected square panels. So it’s an ideal canvas for creative storytelling. We can configure these panels into anything you can imagine, creating impressive LED walls in all shapes and sizes.

Make it a character in the story.

The screen is much more than just a delivery system. It has the capacity to be a living, breathing character in your story, and it would be a shame to squander that potential.

You wouldn’t waste Denzel Washington or Helen Mirren on a role as an extra, would you? In the same way, we don’t waste the LED on boring slides that will put the audience to sleep. We create captivating content and utilize all of the screen’s abilities for maximum impact.

Turn heads (literally).

We want the audience to be so absorbed in your story that they can’t wait to find out what happens next. We use the entire screen to keep surprising them with new visuals and focal points. We know we’ve done our job right when we see thousands of people turning their heads at the same time.

And you don’t have to plant a car chase scene in your presentation to achieve this goal. (Although we support that, any time it is relevant.) At one recent corporate event, we had the audience on the edge of their seats during an annual sales presentation. Seriously.

The president usually uses a plain line graph to compare the company’s sales to those of its competitors. But this year, we made the data larger than life with the help of the LED screen and a little perspective:

Here are our competitors (Their data displays on a fraction of the screen)

And how did we do? (Dramatic pause… Company’s data flies across the screen rapidly, reaching from end to end, so the audience has to turn their heads to see where it stops)

(Gasps, applause, tears)

Inspired yet? How could you use an LED screen to wow your audience?

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