How to be a Great Speaker at a Live Event – Part Two


Rounding out a two-part series, the team at L37 shares our expertise on memorable and inspiring live presentations. In the first post, we emphasized what to avoid and what to master when preparing to take the stage. In the second installment, we highlight the importance of winning over the audience by giving them what they love. From authentic emotion to show stopping visuals, we break down our top 5 tips.

  1. Emotion! Audience members respond to emotion because it’s an empathetic mechanism to buy into the message. They feel your enthusiasm and will adopt a similar attitude if it’s delivered authentically and accurately. With that said, don’t take the stage wildly flailing your arms and scream into the microphone, deafening the friendly folks in the audience.
  2. Positive body language. Open your body to the crowd by spreading your arms like you’re giving everyone in the room a big bear hug – you’ll be inviting them into your message and taking them along for the ride. Move around the stage and smile (hopefully the message is positive!). Also remember the key to eye placement – Left, Middle, Right. Find three spots to cover the area and move your head accordingly every three to five seconds.
  3. Timing. All great storytellers know how to use a cadence to add drama to the information and narrative they’re delivering. A public speaker, or presenter, is no different. Don’t give all your info away too soon… Pace yourself. You’re running the show and you want to be in control of the message and the room.
  4. BIG visuals. People love pictures – just ask the billionaires at Facebook and Instagram. Photos can spark powerful memories, ignite wanderlust, create compassion, bring topics to the forefront, and much more. Visual cues help guide people through messaging. Leverage the clarity and beauty of current technology to deliver those visuals to the audience.
  5. Message matters. Okay, maybe you’re talking about something a little stale, like staplers or office copiers. That doesn’t mean you can’t craft a succinct and clever message. Otherwise, why are they listening?

Are you ready to wow the crowd at your next national sales meeting or industry conference? You have the tools you need. So go for it and kill it like you always do.

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