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20 Mar 2018
How to Outdo Last Year's Event | L37 Creative

A huge international meeting isn’t business as usual.

We talk a lot about how we are in the business of helping clients outdo themselves. (We just talked about it, here. That’s a lot.) When one of your clients is a global leader in technology, with a high- performing culture and a great history of delivering killer events… this challenge gets harder. Then, take into account that their more than 2,000 attendees are coming from nearly 20 different countries, daily sessions need to be translated into 6 languages simultaneously, […]

16 Mar 2018

So you want to outdo yourself.

One of the first things we ask every client as we kick off planning for an event is: “What are the biggest things you are trying to accomplish?” Many answers vary, but there is one that comes back almost every time: “We want this year to be even better than last year.” And who doesn’t? Who wants Stranger Things 3 to be less amazing than the first two? Who wants the screensavers on the next Apple TV to be less […]