Education Meetings

Working with education groups is a privilege because their common mission of teaching students, bringing knowledge and wisdom to eager minds, and contributing to society at large. L37 Creative wants to help add fuel to that mission.

Relevant Course Work

Let’s hear from students. No, faculty. No, the parents, no the school’s administration. Okay, we say we should hear from everybody!

We’ve spoken to all these folks under the education umbrella. Their perspectives provide insight to the entirety of the education realm and what it means to everybody. L37 loves to tell these stories – maybe a late nighter about a student trying to finish his or her degree, or a professor taking the extra time for an impassioned pupil. What did that degree to the student? Or his/her family? How about the administration’s plans to expand the science department and exciting research? Through media and events, these stories are told.

L37 Creative is privileged to have done:

    • Organizational Update Meetings
    • Webcasts
    • Department Highlight videos
    • Graduate Success Stories
    • Graduation Testimonials
    • Administration videos