Culinary Media & Events

We know our way around the kitchen. And we also know that “It’s all about the presentation!”, which is proclaimed by the foodiest of foodies, and upheld by L37 Creative as a culinary media & event tenet. Food is more than artfully crafted gastronomic menu items – it’s a business with stakeholders with an appetite for innovation.

Cooking Up a Healthy Resume

As any chef or restaurant employee may tell you – food mastery requires getting your hands dirty. We’ve had our fair share, and the experience has spanned:

    • Filming chefs and cooks on the line
    • New product launches
    • Step-by-step cooking instructional videos
    • Filming food producers and suppliers
    • Interviewing restaurant owners, managers, and staff
    • Broadline foodservice distributors processes and inspection procedures

Order Up

Whether it’s a trade show, food show, product cutting, or cooking demonstration (all in our wheelhouse), culinary arts and business deserve the best of light. Our talent sheds the best of the best light on what you’re trying to tell with your food story – connecting you as true masters of the food industry to peers, fellow employees, and prospective clients. Maybe you’re a restaurateur, distributor, or food manufacturer, we’ve worked in all your spaces, and are hungry to work in this delicious environment.

And we love filming food. With every kitchen comes a greater appreciation for the cooks on the line. Precision, communication, timeliness, and that gut feeling for delish. Not to mention that we’ve developed quite the radar for hot ovens, pans, grills, and rushing wait staff.