Ashlea Thompson climbs boulders (for fun).

For the second employee profile in our series (if you missed the first, click here), we get to know Ashlea Thomsen, one of our event producers, who produces movies and climbs boulders for fun. For work, she is one of our lead event producers, designing and executing events from scratch all over the world.  

My role at L37 is Production Manager.

One of my favorite projects was when we created a giant, curved LED wall. It was incredible to see how all the planning came together on show-site, and it looked amazing.

I love working at L37 because I get to work with an inspiring team that mixes creativity and technology to create amazing new concepts designed with each client in mind.

 My favorite recent movie / TV show / book / anything similar is Feast of Love and The Count of Monte Cristo (ok, so that one isn’t really recent).

If I wasn’t doing this, I’d be working in film as a production manager.

A random skill I have that few people know about is boulder climbing and nature photography.

Ashlea Thompson of L37 Creative

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