4 Event Trends Changing the Industry

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Ready to make a lasting impression at your next event? The L37 team has researched and recapped the top four event trends transforming our industry. From virtual reality and social media to stage design and awesome apps – read on to see which trends matter most.

  • Virtual Reality

Content at events are now expected to deliver more than a PowerPoint deck; they need to engage the audience and keep them on the edge of their seats. In addition to buzz-worthy videos and graphics, we’re seeing an uptick in immersive and interactive presentations, thanks to the technology behind Virtual Reality. Audiences can be transported to outer space or Katmandu, from the confines of an exhibit hall—and L37 can make an experience happen.

  • Electronic Audience Interaction

The use of conference/company hashtags on Twitter or other social platforms have become increasingly popular. By monitoring social feeds, moderators (and event pros) can keep tabs on the conversations happening during the conference – and capitalize on them. Selected tweets or posts can be displayed during the event on a live twitter or social media feed. Audience members are also able to submit questions real-time during Q&A panels, ensuring that attendees are dialed-in and more engaged.

  • Stage Design

Here’s where L37 gets our creative juices going. Because the shape of an event’s stage is no longer limited to a standard rectangle, we’ve been able to experiment with a wide variety of shapes and designs. Modular stage sets are a popular choice because they can be repurposed in a number of ways and add aesthetic appeal. Even the color of backdrops is changing; since black drapes cannot be up lit in a visually pleasing way, there has been a push to white and gray drapes. The use of LED lighting in conventional light fixtures has become popular for up lighting and scenic ambiance

  • Utilizing Mobile Technology

Mobile devices have opened the flood gates for audience interactions at live events. Sending text blasts with event details and reminders ensures that all attendees are up to date on the most recent event information and are notified of any changes. Event apps are also hitting the market and gathering momentum by providing individualized event schedules, session times, happy hour info, and other important details related to the event.

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