2018 Events Trends: Telling a Great Story is Still What Matters Most

As we head into a new year, we’ve noticed a few trends dominating the events industry. Here’s our take.

“New and interesting” is the thing.
More than ever, organizations are trying to leverage their resources to deliver experiences and content that feel new and interesting to their audiences. In a world where our attention is at its highest premium ever, capturing it is the biggest challenge to overcome.

Consolidation continues.

Big industry players like Freeman and PSAV continue to acquire smaller AV, events and creative media companies in order to provide solutions that serve the full experience of attendees at events, meetings and trade shows.

“Sometimes these mergers and acquisitions are really just about buying a book of business,” says Ryan Legue, our Principal. “Sometimes they are truly about expanding a company’s capabilities.”

So how will we try to stay competitive? “By doing the same thing we’ve always striven to do,” says Ryan. “Beating clients’ expectations.”

When it comes to tech, personalization is still the thing.

Making an attendee’s experience as personal as possible is still the number one use of technology we’re seeing in our work.

“With virtual reality, interactive wearables, enveloping visuals, unexpected messaging elements, and individualized agendas, 2018 will really be about using technology to make every experience as personalized as possible,” says Evan Thompson, Director of Live Events. 

And as always… blow people away.

With every event, all of us in the events business are after the same thing: out-do what we did last year.

“Each new year brings the challenge to build on the attendee experience from the prior year,” says Evan. “Our clients have to deliver their stories effectively, and it’s our job to put that story into the most engaging and personal experience we can for the attendees.”

What’s your story? And how can we help tell it? Let us know.

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